Subaru Future

Enjoyment and Peace of Mind with every adventure.

The boxer engines with low center-of-gravity and compact size make for excellent driving stability as well as enhanced combustion efficiency, which together provide both superior environmental performance and remarkable driving enjoyment. The symmetrical all-wheel drive systems exceeds expectations for consistent handling and reliable dynamic performance on any road surface. And the EyeSight driver-assist system continually evolving to help prevent collisions before they happen, as well as to afford a safer and more enjoyable driving experience throughout a wide range of scenarios. Subaru continues to hone the unique technologies that provide each of our customers with enjoyment and peace of mind.

Delivering the next generation of Subaru vehicles.

The Subaru Global Platform


  • World-class collision safety
  • High spec components integrated into a practical structural layout
  • High maneuverability with new suspension geometry (agility, stability, and hazard avoidance)
  • Maximized interior space with highly efficient packaging


Towards 2020 & Beyond

Technological Advancement of Safety & Environmental Performance



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